Chapter 24

Ten School Shortcuts

In This Chapter

arrow Tracking projects and classes

arrow Organizing schedules and shopping

This chapter is for students. Evernote may not be able to help you clean out your locker, but with a little bit of time and effort, it can work marvels on the organization of your book bag and binders, and even help you remember your gym clothes or the campus bus schedule.

Taking Notes in Class

Do you have a teacher who likes to show slideshows or write all over the chalkboard? Nowadays, homework is often posted on the Internet, but some old-school teachers may still expect you to hastily jot down assignments from the board. Fortunately, no matter which method you use, Evernote offers you a couple of ways to record all your notes and assignments in one place.

If you have a laptop and love typing your notes, Evernote gives you a single place to get everything into one application; you don’t have to try to remember where you stored the information. Simply type a quick blurb in Evernote, give it a time/date stamp, and then attach whatever file you were working on (such as an Excel grid, graphics programs, or even a web page) to that note. The process takes you an additional 2 minutes and saves you 20 minutes of searching for everything later.

Evernote does an amazing job ...

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