Evernote for Developers

In This Chapter

arrow Becoming familiar with the Evernote API

arrow Accessing Evernote through programming interfaces

arrow Discovering open-source Evernote projects

More than 8,000 developers are working on apps and customizations for Evernote, and that number is growing by leaps and bounds. This chapter is geared to developers who want to build Evernote support into their own applications and to those who want to extend Evernote’s capabilities.

Before starting to develop applications for Evernote, I suggest you gain some experience using scripting, which is covered in Chapter 20. In the appendix, I assume you are already familiar with the information in Chapter 20.

Getting Started with the Evernote API

Evernote’s application programming interface (API) lets your applications access the Evernote service using the same protocols that are used under the covers by Evernote’s own client software.

The most powerful way to integrate with Evernote is to develop based on directives sent to the Evernote web service API. The API enables you to access a user’s account in the cloud, whether or not that user has an Evernote client installed on the machine (so long as she has ...

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