Chapter 6. Boldness Counts

"Boldness means making valued decisions and moving forward assertively for what you believe in."

Have you ever noticed who gets the most respect and the most rewards? It's not the wallflowers; it's not the people that sit back and wait for others to do things for them. Rather, it's those who act boldly who are recognizing both a fundamental right as well as a pragmatic reality. Every act of boldness accelerates the pace with which you enjoy success.

Those who have accomplished much have been men and women with a spirit of boldness and adventure. They are willing to challenge and constantly question even the existence of the comfort zone; they try new ideas, and attempt the seemingly impossible. They thrive under pressure and take the risks and actions that meeker people are simply too afraid to attempt. The men and women who reach the upper echelon of success are those who act boldly.

What exactly do I mean by boldness? Boldness eloquently describes bravery, and the act of responding to a situation in a manner that may be viewed as daring to some, but that is essential to address effectively the issue at hand. Boldness is a strategic, tactical approach to a given situation. It requires an acute awareness of one's situation, strong nerves, and craftiness. Boldness means taking risks, and when you decide upon a course of action, boldness demands that you execute it aggressively.

It takes a great deal of boldness to confront and tackle the issues in today's society ...

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