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Put digital business strategy at the center of your business

Welcome to the social media age. Although its impact was first felt in the marketing department, the social web is spreading across all business functions, impacting the way they communicate, operate, organize, and create value. A comprehensive digital strategy is essential for businesses hoping to build this new form of competitive advantage.

Everywhere explains how to put your digital strategy at the center of how your organization communicates, operates, organizes itself, and creates value.

  • Develop a comprehensive digital strategy for your organization
  • Put your online business strategy at the center of your customer's experience, and at the heart of everything you do
  • Larry Weber's W2 Group is helping companies like Sony, IBM, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and the government of Rwanda, craft new online business strategies

The Web is not just another marketing channel. Put social media, email, Web, and other digital interactions Everywhere in your business, and make digital business strategy the heart of your thriving enterprise.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Preface
  7. Introduction
    1. Threadless.com: Born on the Web
    2. Dell: A Presocial Company Retools
    3. Please Try This at Home
    4. It Doesn't Have to Be Made Here
    5. From Twitter to Competitive Advantage
    6. In Sync with the Marketplace
    7. Improving Strategy Execution
    8. Staying Ahead of the Commoditization Cycle
    9. Developing New Sources of Market Influence
    10. Improving Corporate Cost Structures
    11. Winning the Talent Challenge
    12. It's Not Just the Tools; It's the Behavior
    13. Welcome to Everywhere
    14. Questions to Consider
  8. Part I: The Evolving Social Web
    1. Chapter 1: The Social Enterprise
      1. A Closer Look at the Social Enterprise
      2. How Are They Doing It?
      3. Facing the Fear
      4. Questions to Consider
  9. Part II: On Becoming a Social Enterprise
    1. Chapter 2: Toward a Comprehensive Digital Business Strategy
      1. Guidelines Get You There
      2. Identify Your Key Communities
      3. Take a Deep Dive
      4. Observe the Landscape Continually
      5. Showering Without a Shower Curtain
      6. Who's on First?
      7. Questions to Consider
    2. Chapter 3: Building Enterprise-Wide Engagement Capability
      1. Establish a Social Enterprise eForum
      2. Broaden Your Base of Engagers over Time
      3. Pursue a Strategic Approach to Social Engagement
      4. Create New Social Media Roles
      5. Engage, Engage, and Engage Some More
      6. Proactively Manage the Enterprise-Wide Brand
      7. Get Senior Leadership Involved
      8. Questions to Consider
    3. Chapter 4: Developing a Digitally Driven Company
      1. Create the Vision
      2. Embrace Transparency
      3. Manage from Your Moral Purpose
      4. Realize It Doesn't Have to Be Made in Your Shop
      5. Commit to Working Collaboratively
      6. Rethinking Your Leadership Style
      7. Enourage a Culture of Controlled Risk Taking
      8. Rethink Your Notions of Speed and Professionalism
      9. Walk the Walk
      10. Questions to Consider
  10. Part III: Across the Business Universe
    1. Chapter 5: Marketing, Sales, and Service, Step 1
      1. Say Goodbye to the Funnel
      2. Resetting the Game Plan
      3. Say Hello to Multiple Channel Pathways
      4. You Can Get There from Here
      5. Integrating Social and Traditional Channels
      6. What About Paid Media?
      7. Integrating the Marketing Department
      8. Coordinating the End-to-End Customer Experience
      9. Introducing the Customer Engagement Department
      10. Questions to Consider
    2. Chapter 6: Marketing, Sales, and Service, Step 2
      1. Social Destinations Are Satisfying
      2. Being Welcome at the Social Table
      3. You're a Publisher Now, Too
      4. Creating Content to Fuel Connection
      5. Develop a Content Calendar
      6. Sampling, Applications, Contests, and More
      7. Moral Purpose Makes for Great Interactions
      8. Questions to Consider
    3. Chapter 7: Innovation
      1. Innovation Is the Trump Card
      2. By the People and for the People
      3. Exercise, Eat Right, and Innovate Daily
      4. Brainstorm with Your Competitors
      5. Rally the Troops
      6. Idea Jams: Getting the Ideas Flowing
      7. Shopping for Ideas
      8. Monitizing Your Intellectual Property
      9. Stay Close to Scientific Communities
      10. It Sounds Good but…
      11. Questions to Consider
    4. Chapter 8: Strategy Execution
      1. Putting Employees on the Same Page
      2. Expanding Employees’ Personal Networks
      3. Providing Simple Collaborative Tools
      4. Tapping into Employees’ Insight
      5. Promises, Promises
      6. What About Productivity?
      7. Leakage and Discoverable Evidence?
      8. Questions to Consider
    5. Chapter 9: Human Capital
      1. Social Recruiting Is Hot
      2. You Gotta Be Part of LinkedIn
      3. Tweeting for Hires
      4. Finding Candidates on Facebook
      5. Company Career Portals
      6. Be Where They Are
      7. Successfully Reeling Them In
      8. Human Resources Meets Marketing
      9. Accelerating the Onboarding Process
      10. Keeping Employees on the Cutting Edge
      11. Engaging with Your Current Employees
      12. The Twenty-First Century Work Environment as a Selling Tool
      13. Questions to Consider
  11. Part IV: The Future of the Social Enterprise
    1. Chapter 10: Next
      1. Social Enterprises Come of Age
      2. Consumers Are at the Center
      3. There Is No Place Like Home
      4. Expanded Challenges for Corporations to Tackle
      5. Keeping the Internet Open and Accessible
      6. It Is Not Necessary to Change
      7. Questions to Consider
  12. Notes
  13. Index

Product information

  • Title: Everywhere
  • Author(s): Larry Weber
  • Release date: March 2011
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9780470651704