Evolutionary Learning in Strategy-Project Systems

Book description

What does a successful knowledge management practitioner do? Evolutionary Learning in Strategy-Project Systems explores the gap between the theory and practice of knowledge management in organizations and analyzes how learning happens and how knowledge is created. The authors take a practitioner-driven approach, one that unites organizational strategy with the learning of organizational lessons—the kind of knowledge management that enhances project performance and ultimately business success. Through a survey of the literature and an analysis of original case-study research, Evolutionary Learning in Strategy-Project Systems develops a model of learning capability that proceeds exactly as its title implies, not as a line, but as a cycle—from codifying individual knowledge and putting it into practice within a context that values social relationships and networks. The conclusions offered in this book build on the rethinking of project management literature in today’s world—creating a strategy-project learning model that not only improves current knowledge capabilities, but also develops new ones.

Product information

  • Title: Evolutionary Learning in Strategy-Project Systems
  • Author(s): Paul Gardiner, Adil Eltigani, Terence Williams, Richard Kirkham, Lixiong Ou, Antonio Calabrese, Jonas Soderlund
  • Release date: May 2018
  • Publisher(s): Project Management Institute
  • ISBN: None