Exam MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Course

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This is a comprehensive course designed to help you pass the Microsoft 365 Identity and Services certification as well as give you a full understanding of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This exam certification focuses heavily on planning and configuring your Microsoft 365 deployment with a specific focus on designing and implementing Microsoft 365 services, managing user identity and roles, managing access and authentication, and planning Office 365 workloads and applications.

This is a fully comprehensive course. This course comes with tons of hands-on labs and demos, which means that in addition to passing the exam, you will be able to start building real-world cloud solutions for your clients.

This course is aligned with the official Microsoft 365 Identity and Services exam guide. We start with some basic concepts and then move on to the core Microsoft 365 Identity concepts. Our approach is to build your knowledge from the ground up, covering all core concepts, and then moving on to more advanced topics.

By the end of this course, you will be well prepared for your MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services 2022 exam.

Note: Updated course curriculum to include the new Microsoft Power Platform as required by the syllabus for the MS-100 exam.

What You Will Learn

  • Design and implement Microsoft 365 services
  • Design identity strategy and plan identity synchronization
  • Manage user identities and roles
  • Manage authentication and implement multi-factor authentication
  • Configure and implement application access for external users of M365
  • Plan Office 365 workloads and applications


The course is for anyone looking to learn and understand the core offerings of the Microsoft 365 Cloud. It is intended for individuals who are looking to migrate their on-premise Microsoft applications, such as identity and access management, email, file share, and collaboration services, to Microsoft 365 Cloud.

Some experience with existing on-premise Microsoft infrastructure services such as Active Directory along with a Microsoft 365 trial account is required to follow along. Basic knowledge of core Microsoft applications such as Exchange and SharePoint are recommended but not mandatory.

About The Authors

Rajesh Daswani: Rajesh Daswani is a senior solutions architect, AWS course content creator, and corporate trainer with over 20 years’ experience in core IT infrastructure services and cloud computing. He has delivered corporate training programs and online training for several clients across the UK, USA, and India and published courses for Packt Publishing.

Rajesh now delivers courses for the IaaS Academy, an online training provider that delivers on-demand cloud computing training and practice exam simulators to help students and IT professionals ace IT certification exams. You will also find extensive blog articles and exam tips on the IaaS Academy website to help you with your study and revision.

Mohammed Niyas: Mohammed Niyas is a technical expert and trainer specializing in Office 365, Exchange Server, PKI, Azure, and VMware. He has over 10 years of experience deploying and managing Microsoft and VMware technologies and services for enterprise and government customers. He is a multiple-year recipient of the VMware vExpert and Microsoft MVP awards. He owns a YouTube channel, ITProGuide, where he shares lectures and demos on various implementation scenarios and has also built Microsoft exam certification courses for the IaaS Academy, a cloud computing training provider.

He is passionate about teaching IT professionals to enable them to get ahead in cloud computing, focusing extensively on Microsoft offerings covering Azure and Microsoft 365 services.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Course Overview
    1. Introduction to Microsoft 365 Identity and Service Course
    2. Setting Up Your Environment
    3. Cloud Concepts, SaaS, and Microsoft 365
    4. History of Office 365 and Microsoft 365
  2. Chapter 2 : Introduction to Microsoft 365
    1. Introduction to Microsoft 365
    2. Plan a Microsoft 365 Implementation
    3. Tenant and Subscription
    4. Tenant Creation for Microsoft 365
    5. Microsoft 365 Tenant Configuration
    6. Admin Center Review and Configuration
    7. Add Subscription and Domain
  3. Chapter 3 : Design Identity Strategy for Microsoft 365
    1. Introduction to Identity and Access Management
    2. Introduction to Identity Services
    3. Plan Azure AD Connect
    4. AD Connect Express Install
    5. PTA PHS Federated Authentication Options
    6. Summary
  4. Chapter 4 : Identity Synchronization with Azure AD Connect
    1. Introduction
    2. Password Hash Synchronization - Custom Setup
    3. Configure Seamless Single Sign-On
    4. Pass-Through Authentication
    5. Set Up ADFS for Office 365
    6. Summary
  5. Chapter 5 : Deep Dive in Azure AD Connect
    1. Introduction to Azure AD Architecture
    2. Azure AD Connect Wizard
    3. Azure AD Connect Synchronization Architecture
    4. AD Connection Synchronization - Demo
    5. AD Connect Synchronization Rules
    6. Summary
  6. Chapter 6 : Managing User Identities and Groups
    1. Managing User Identities and Groups
    2. Planning User Roles and Security
    3. Admin and User Roles
    4. Manage Groups
    5. Import Bulk Users
    6. Summary
  7. Chapter 7 : Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    1. Introduction
    2. Understanding MFA
    3. Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication
    4. Summary
  8. Chapter 8 : Azure AD Applications
    1. Introduction
    2. Azure AD Applications
    3. Azure AD Application Proxy
    4. Add Azure AD Gallery Application - Demo
    5. Summary
  9. Chapter 9 : Azure AD B2B
    1. Introduction
    2. What is Azure B2B?
    3. Adding External User Access to Azure B2B
    4. Enforce Multi-Factor Authentication for External Users
    5. Summary
  10. Chapter 10 : Microsoft 365 Workload
    1. Introduction
    2. Enterprise Workloads Foundation Infrastructure
    3. Deployment of Workload Application
    4. Migration Tools
    5. Summary
  11. Chapter 11 : Report and Health Monitoring
    1. Introduction
    2. Reports and Health Monitoring in Admin Center
    3. Azure AD Connect Health
    4. Summary
  12. Chapter 12 : Microsoft 365 Application Deployment
    1. Introduction
    2. Microsoft 356 App Deployment Introduction
    3. Readiness Toolkit
    4. M365 App Deployment from Cloud
    5. M365 App Deployment from Local Source
    6. Summary
  13. Chapter 13 : Microsoft Power Platform
    1. Introduction to Power Platform
    2. What is Microsoft Power Platform?
    3. Planning for Microsoft Power Platform
    4. Demo - Power Admin Center
    5. Demo - Power Automate
    6. Summary
  14. Chapter 14 : Project Assignment
    1. PST Export and Import
    2. How to Export PST Data
    3. How to Import PST Data
    4. Summary

Product information

  • Title: Exam MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Course
  • Author(s): Rajesh Daswani, Mohammed Niyas
  • Release date: June 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801811439