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Exam Ref 70-398 Planning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise, First Edition

Book Description

Prepare for Microsoft Exam 70-398–and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of planning and designing cloud and hybrid identities and supporting identity infrastructure for managing devices. Designed for experienced IT pros ready to advance their status, this Exam Ref focuses on the critical-thinking and decision-making acumen needed for success at the Microsoft Specialist level.

Focus on the skills measured on the exam:

  • Design for cloud/hybrid identity

  • Design for device access and protection

  • Design for data access and protection

  • Design for remote access

  • Plan for apps

  • Plan updates and recovery

  • This Microsoft Exam Ref:

  • Organizes its coverage by skill measured on the exam

  • Features Thought Experiments to help you assess your readiness for the exam

  • Assumes you have experience with desktop and device administration, Windows networking technologies, Active Directory, and Microsoft Intune

  • Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a glance
    5. Contents
    6. Introduction
      1. Microsoft certifications
      2. Acknowledgments
      3. Free ebooks from Microsoft Press
      4. Microsoft Virtual Academy
      5. Errata, updates, & book support
      6. We want to hear from you
      7. Stay in touch
    7. Important: How to use this book to study for the exam
    8. Chapter 1. Design for cloud/hybrid identity
      1. Skill 1.1: Plan for Azure Active Directory identities
        1. Design Azure AD identities
        2. Active Directory integration
        3. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication
        4. User self-service from the Azure Access Panel
        5. Azure AD reporting
        6. Company branding
        7. Design Azure AD Premium features
        8. Summary
      2. Skill 1.2: Design for Active Directory synchronization with Azure AD Connect
        1. Design single sign-on, Active Directory Integration scenarios, and Active Directory synchronization tools
        2. Plan for Azure AD Synchronization services
        3. Design for Connect Health
        4. Summary
      3. Thought experiment
      4. Thought experiment answer
    9. Chapter 2. Design for device access and protection
      1. Skill 2.1: Plan for device enrollment
        1. Plan device inventory
        2. Assign mobile device management authority
        3. Meet device management prerequisites
        4. Configure device enrollment profiles
        5. Summary
      2. Skill 2.2: Plan for the Company Portal
        1. Customize the Company Portal and company terms and conditions
        2. Intune design policies and policy conflicts
        3. Summary
      3. Skill 2.3: Plan protection for data on devices
        1. Design for protection of data in email and Microsoft SharePoint
        2. Design for protection of an application’s data by using encryption
        3. Design for full and selective wipes
        4. Summary
      4. Thought experiment
      5. Thought experiment answer
    10. Chapter 3. Design for data access and protection
      1. Skill 3.1: Plan shared resources
        1. Design for file and disk encryption and BitLocker encryption
        2. Design for the Network Unlock feature
        3. Configure BitLocker policies
        4. Design for the Encrypting File System (EFS) recovery agent
        5. Manage EFS and BitLocker certificates including backup and restore
        6. Summary
      2. Skill 3.2: Plan advanced audit policies
        1. Design for auditing by using Group Policy and AuditPol.exe
        2. Create expression-based audit policies
        3. Design for removable device audit policies
        4. Summary
      3. Skill 3.3: Plan for file and folder access
        1. Design for Windows Server Dynamic Access Control
        2. Design for Web Application Proxy
        3. Design for Azure Rights Management Service (Azure RMS)
        4. Summary
      4. Thought experiment
      5. Thought experiment answer
    11. Chapter 4. Design for remote access
      1. Skill 4.1: Plan for remote connectivity
        1. Design remote authentication
        2. Configure Remote Desktop settings
        3. Design VPN connections and authentication
        4. Enable VPN reconnect
        5. Configure broadband tethering
        6. Summary
      2. Skill 4.2: Plan for mobility options
        1. Design for offline file policies
        2. Design for power policies
        3. Design for Windows to Go
        4. Design for sync options
        5. Design for Wi-Fi Direct
        6. Summary
      3. Thought experiment
      4. Thought experiment answer
    12. Chapter 5. Plan for apps
      1. Skill 5.1: Manage RemoteApp
        1. Design RemoteApp and Desktop Connections settings
        2. Configure Group Policy Objects for signed packages
        3. Subscribe to the Azure RemoteApp and Desktop Connections feeds
        4. Export and import Azure RemoteApp configurations
        5. Support iOS and Android
        6. Configure Remote Desktop Web Access for Azure RemoteApp distribution
        7. Summary
      2. Skill 5.2: Plan app support and compatibility
        1. Design for desktop app compatibility using Application Compatibility Toolkit
        2. Design desktop application co-existence
        3. Install and configure User Experience Virtualization (UE-V)
        4. Plan for desktop apps using Microsoft Intune
        5. Summary
      3. Thought experiment
      4. Thought experiment answer
    13. Chapter 6. Plan updates and recovery
      1. Skill 6.1: Plan for system recovery
        1. Design for recovery drive
        2. Design for System Restore
        3. Design for refresh or recycle
        4. Design for driver rollback
        5. Design for restore points
        6. Summary
      2. Skill 6.2: Plan file recovery
        1. Design File History
        2. Recover files from OneDrive
        3. Summary
      3. Skill 6.3: Plan device updates
        1. Design update settings and Windows Update policies
        2. Manage update history
        3. Roll back updates
        4. Design for Windows Store app updates
        5. Summary
      4. Thought experiment
      5. Thought experiment answer
    14. Index
    15. About the authors
    16. Hear about it first
    17. Visit us today
    18. Free ebooks
    19. Survey
    20. Code Snippets