Chapter 6. Insert

The real power of an Excel worksheet lies in the many things you can add to it. The most powerful functionality that can be added to a worksheet is a formula. If you didn’t use formulas in your worksheet all you’d have is just a big sheet of numbers. Formulas use a combination of the various functions available in Excel, including cell references, numeric and text values, and operators (such as +, -, etc). Although this chapter discusses the dialog that displays when you select Insert Function, there is extensive information about functions covered in Part 3 of this book.

In addition to manipulating values, Excel provides the ability to create a graphical representation of data using charts. Not only can you select from one of the built-in chart types, you even create custom charts. Remember that after the chart is created, it needs to be modified using the options on the Chart menu covered in Chapter 10.

Insert → Cells

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