File Send To


The following options are available with the File Send To command: you can either email the worksheet, transfer it to a shared folder, route it to a list of users, or provide it to users during a Microsoft NetMeeting session.

Mail Recipient

This option provides the ability to either send a copy of the worksheet as an HTML formatted message, or as an attachment to the message. When you select this option, a dialog appears allowing you to select the radio button that indicates how you want the message sent. Sending the a copy of the worksheet as part of the message is a useful method for transferring information to users who do not have Excel installed on their machine, as long as the recipient’s email software can handle HTML. When you select this option the selected worksheet, or portion of a worksheet, will take up the body of the message. Note that the recipient must be using an email program that allows him to view HTML formatted messages. This feature is available with the current version of Microsoft Outlook

Once you select the “Send the current sheet as the message body” option, select Mail Recipient again during the session, Excel assumes you want to send the attachment in the message body again. It does not show the email dialog again during the session. If you decide you want to send it as an attachment, select the Mail Recipient (as Attachment) option. Do not select the Mail Recipient option if you want to send the workbook as an attachment ...

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