Insert Chart


Provides the showiest option within Excel, by helping you create a graphic representation of the data within your worksheet, workbook or multiple workbooks. By creating charts you are able to give others the ability to quickly compare values within your workbook.

Your worksheet should contain the data you want to place on the chart, before selecting Insert Chart. You can modify the data as needed once the chart is created and the changes will be reflected in the chart. Also, before selecting Insert Chart, you can highlight the data in your worksheet that you want to appear on the chart. This allows you to quickly see how the data will look as you are determining which chart type you want to select during the first step of the Chart Wizard. Just remember, the data should come before the chart. That way you don’t have to retrofit you data into a chart that is not designed to hold it all.

When you select Insert Chart, the Chart Wizard displays as shown in Figure 6-4. The Chart Wizard leads you through four different steps to create your new chart. Each step is a different dialog with multiple tab options. You can scroll between each of the steps using the Forward and Back buttons.


With all of the different selections available with the Chart Wizard, it can seem a little overwhelming. Don’t be too concerned about the process because once the chart is created you can modify each of the selections as needed using the options on the Chart menu.

The first ...

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