Writing Excel 2007 Bible was one of my most challenging projects. Never before has an Excel upgrade incorporated so many new features and changes. Thanks to the brilliant people at Microsoft for the hard work it took to get this product out the door at Redmond, and onto my hard drive. I can’t say that I agree with all of their user interface decisions, but I have no doubt that this is the best version of Excel ever. It’s always a pleasure to deal with Greg Croy, acquisitions editor. I’ve worked with Greg for many years, and I appreciate all he does to get my books to market in a timely manner. And a special thank-you to Kelly Ewing, project editor for this book. She and the other talented people behind the scenes did an incredible job of converting my sloppy and often incomprehensible Word files into real book pages that actually make sense.

A few other people also deserve thanks. First of all, I’d like to acknowledge Mark Tedeschi, who was the first to request. I must also thank ~Q~ for opening my eyes to new possibilities for the oft-neglected tilde. And I thank Michael D. Bono for his life-long guidance and sound hypocritical stance on key issues.

It is with deepest humility that I thank Anagram, a longtime contributor to banjo, biplane, biker, and binary appreciation societies around the world. When I grow up, I want to be just like her. And, to keep it in the family, a special thanks to Bisbonian, who introduced me to the art of flailing the banjo and took me ...

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