Chapter 8. Protect, Save, and Print

After you complete the work of entering, formatting, analyzing, and charting your data, you can share it with others. Sharing data usually means either saving it and sharing the file, or saving it and sharing a printout. The tips in this chapter make it easier to share your work with others.

You can protect your worksheet so others can view and print it but cannot make changes to it. You can also save your workbook as a template. By saving your workbook as a template, you eliminate the chore of recreating a special-purpose worksheet each time you need to use it. In addition, you can save documents in many formats; in this chapter, you review a few document formats and the advantages of each are explained.

The printing tips in this chapter focus on printing multiple-page worksheets and multiple-sheet workbooks. You find out how to select noncontiguous cell ranges and print them and how to repeat row and column labels across several pages.

The two key printing tools are the Page Setup dialog box and the Print Preview window. Familiarize yourself with the many choices they offer.

Chapter 9 carries forward the themes introduced in this chapter. There you learn more about exchanging data between Excel and other applications.

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