Chapter 10. Customize Excel

Excel has a large number of integrated features you can customize and adapt to suit your purposes. This chapter introduces a few important ways in which you can customize Excel.

One simple way is to install additional features, called add-ins. This chapter shows you how to install the add-ins included with Excel and how to find add-ins available from third-party developers.

You also learn to tailor Excel by placing items on the Quick Access toolbar. Items on the Quick Access toolbar are independent of the tabs in the Ribbon and you can access them with a single click. You can add many options that are not available in the Ribbon to Excel via the Quick Access toolbar.

When working with large worksheets, you can open multiple windows to view different parts of a worksheet at the same time. This chapter teaches you how. You also learn to create custom views. If you filter data, hide columns or rows, or create special print settings, you can save your changes in a custom view and recall them when you need them. Another task shows you how to create custom number formats for use in a workbook.

The task on macros introduces an enormous topic, which more than any other task enables you to extend and customize Excel. After you learn how to create a macro, you learn how to assign a macro to a button and how to add the button to the Quick Access toolbar.

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