Chapter 12

Linking, Automating, and Sharing Spreadsheets

In This Chapter

arrow Using Office apps and Excel add-ins to automate and enhance Excel 2013

arrow Adding hyperlinks to other workbooks, worksheets, Office documents, web pages, or e-mail

arrow Creating and using macros to automate common spreadsheet tasks

arrow Sharing your worksheets on the web

arrow Editing your worksheets with Excel Web Applications

At your first reading of the chapter title, you might have the impression that this is just a catch-all, potpourri chapter, containing the last bits of program information that don’t fit anywhere else in the book. Actually, this is not the case because this chapter has a very definite theme, and that theme is how you go about extending the power of Excel.

It just so happens that Apps for Office, Excel add-ins, hyperlinks, and macros are four major ways to make Excel more vigorous and versatile: add-ins through the extra features they give Excel 2013; hyperlinks through links to other worksheets and Office ...

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