Chapter 2

Logical Functions and Error Trapping


check Understanding formula error values

check Understanding the logical functions

check Creating IF formulas that trap errors

check Auditing formulas

check Changing the Error Checking options

check Masking error values in your printouts

Troubleshooting the formula errors in a worksheet is the main topic of this chapter. Here, you see how to locate the source of all those vexing formula errors so that you can shoot them down and set things right! The biggest problem with errors in your formulas — besides how ugly such values as #REF! and #DIV/0! are — is that they spread like wildfire through the workbook to other cells containing formulas that refer to their error-laden cells. If you’re dealing with a large worksheet in a really big workbook, you may not be able to tell which cell actually contains the formula that’s causing all the hubbub. And if you can’t ...

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