Chapter 2

Using Hyperlinks


check Linking your spreadsheet to other Excel workbooks, Office documents, and web pages

check Linking to e-mail addresses

check Following the links that you create in the worksheet

check Editing hyperlinks in a worksheet

check Creating formulas that use the HYPERLINK function

The subject of this chapter is linking your worksheet with other documents through the use of hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are the kinds of links used on the web to take you immediately from one web page to another or from one website to another. Such links can be attached to text (thus the term, hypertext) or to graphics such as buttons or pictures. The most important aspect of a hyperlink is that it immediately takes you to its destination whenever you click the text or button to which it is attached.

In an Excel worksheet, you can create hyperlinks that take you to a different part of the same worksheet, to another worksheet in the same workbook, to another workbook or other type of document on your ...

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