Chapter 4

Sharing Workbooks and Worksheet Data


check Co-authoring worksheets by sharing their workbooks with coworkers

check Sending worksheets as PDF files for review and comments

check Editing Excel worksheets with Excel Online

check Sharing Excel 2019 data with other Office programs

check Inserting Excel 2019 data into Word and PowerPoint documents

check Exporting workbooks as PDF, XPS, and HTML (web page) files

Sharing data between Excel 2019 and other Windows programs that you use is the topic of this chapter. Perhaps the most straightforward way to share worksheet data is by sharing the Excel workbook saved in the cloud on your OneDrive, on your SharePoint team site, or in a folder in your Dropbox. This co-authoring sharing process enables you and those with whom you share your workbook to see all the editing changes made and saved (automatically with the AutoSave feature) to it in real time.

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