Chapter 2

Performing Large-Scale Data Analysis


check Analyzing worksheet data with pivot tables and pivot charts

check Analyzing worksheet data with the Power Pivot add-in

check Analyzing data visually over time with 3D Maps

check Analyzing data trends in a visual forecast worksheet

The subject of this chapter is performing data analysis on a larger scale in Excel 2019 worksheets, often with visual components that enable you and your users to immediately spot developing trends. The primary Excel tool for performing such large-scale analysis on your worksheet data is the pivot table and its visual counterpart, the pivot chart. Pivot tables enable you to quickly summarize large amounts of data revealing inherent relationships and trends, whereas pivot charts enable you to easily visualize these connections.

In addition, you have access to Excel’s Power Pivot add-in when you need to perform analysis on really large data models whose tables contain really huge amounts of data. Finally, Excel 2019 offers you visual data analysis features designed to help you quickly identify significant indicators ...

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