Chapter 8

Performing PivotTable Calculations


Bullet Trying some PivotTable summary calculations

Bullet Working with PivotTable subtotals

Bullet Using custom PivotTable calculations

Bullet Creating a custom calculated PivotTable field and item

The near-ridiculous power and flexibility of a PivotTable is in contrast with the relative simplicity of what a PivotTable actually does, which is to take a mountain of data and turn it into a molehill of a report. With that report in place, the fun part begins when you pivot fields, group items, and filter the report (all of which I describe in painstaking detail in Chapter 7). Pivoting, grouping, and filtering represent the most visible aspects of a PivotTable’s power, but lots of impressive things happening behind the PivotTable scenes as well. These “hidden” features include the massive number of calculations that Excel performs to summarize all that data so succinctly. That display of raw calculation horsepower is impressive enough, but you can actually harness that power for your own ends.

In this chapter, you open the PivotTable’s hood to check ...

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