Chapter 7

Using Basic Math Functions

In This Chapter

arrow Summing, rounding, and truncating values

arrow Using a value’s sign in a calculation

arrow Removing the sign from a number

Excel is excellent for working with advanced math and complex calculations. You can do so many complex things with Excel that it’s easy to forget that Excel is great at basic math, too.

Need the sum of a batch of numbers? No problem. Need to round a number? Read on! In this chapter, I show you not just how to sum and round numbers but how to use these methods in ways that give you just the answers you need.

Adding It All Together with the SUM Function

Just adding numbers together is something Excel is great at. Oh, you can use your calculator to add numbers as well, but think about it: On a calculator you enter a number, then press the + button, then enter another number, then press the + button, and so on. Eventually you press the = button and you get your answer. But if you made an entry mistake in the middle, you have to start all over!

The SUM function in Excel adds numbers together in a more efficient way. First, you list all your numbers on the worksheet. You can see them all and verify that they’re correct. Then ...

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