Chapter 6

Using the Excel Macro Recorder


Bullet Recording your actions by using the Excel built-in macro recorder

Bullet Understanding the types of macros you can record

Bullet Setting the appropriate options for macro recording

Bullet Evaluating the efficiency of recorded macros

You can use two methods to create an Excel macro:

  • Record it by using the Excel macro recorder.
  • Write it manually.

This chapter deals specifically with the ins and outs of using the Excel macro recorder. Recording a macro isn’t always the best approach, and some macros simply can’t be recorded, no matter how hard you try. You’ll see, however, that the Excel macro recorder is very useful. Even if your recorded macro isn’t quite what you want, the macro recorder can almost always lead you in the right direction.

Recording Basics

You take the following basic steps when recording a macro.

  1. Determine what you want the macro to do.
  2. Get things set up properly.

    This step determines how well your macro works.

  3. Determine whether you want cell references in your macro to be relative or absolute.
  4. Click the Record Macro ...

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