Chapter 14

VBA Programming Examples


Bullet Working with ranges in your VBA code

Bullet Changing Boolean and non-Boolean settings

Bullet Manipulating charts with VBA

Bullet Making your VBA code run as fast as possible

A good example often communicates a concept much better than a lengthy description of the underlying theory. In that spirit, this chapter presents several examples that demonstrate common VBA techniques.

These examples are organized into the following categories:

  • Working with ranges
  • Changing Excel settings
  • Working with charts
  • Speeding up your VBA code

Although you may be able to use some of the examples directly, in most cases you must adapt them to your own needs.

Working with Ranges

Most of your VBA programming probably involves worksheet ranges. (For some background on Range objects, refer to Chapter 8.) When you work with Range objects, keep the following points in mind:

  • Your VBA doesn’t need to select a range to work with it.
  • If your code does select a range, its worksheet must be active.
  • The macro recorder doesn’t always generate the most efficient code. Often, you ...

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