Chapter 17

Using UserForm Controls


Bullet Understanding each type of dialog box control

Bullet Changing each control’s properties

Bullet Manipulating dialog box controls in your UserForm object

A user responds to a custom dialog box (also known as a UserForm) by using the various controls (buttons, edit boxes, option buttons, and so on) that the dialog box contains. Your VBA code then makes use of these responses to determine which actions to take. You have quite a few controls at your disposal, and this chapter tells you about them.

If you worked through the hands-on example in Chapter 16, you already have some experience with UserForm controls. This chapter fills in some of the gaps.

Getting Started with Dialog Box Controls

In this section, you explore how to add controls to a UserForm, give them meaningful names, and adjust some of their properties.

Remember Before you can do any of these things, you must have a UserForm, which you get by choosing Insert ⇒ UserForm in the VBE. When you add a UserForm, make sure that the correct project is selected in the Project window (if more than one ...

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