Chapter 21

Creating Excel Add-Ins


Bullet Using add-ins: What a concept!

Bullet Knowing why you might want to create your own add-ins

Bullet Creating custom add-ins

Bullet Reviewing an add-in example

One of the slickest features of Excel is the capability to create add-ins. Excel add-ins make it possible for you to package up your VBA procedures, and make them part of your Excel interface. Best of all, you can share these packages with others so that they get the benefit of your VBA prowess.

In this chapter, you explore how to create add-ins by using only the tools built into Excel.

Okay … So What’s an Add-In?

Glad you asked. An Excel add-in is something you add to enhance Excel’s functionality. Some add-ins provide new worksheet functions you can use in formulas; other add-ins provide new commands or utilities. If the add-in is designed properly, the new features blend in well with the original interface so they appear to be part of the program.

Tip Excel ships with several add-ins, including ...

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