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Book Description

Excellence is the ultimate personal goal. It's an inspiring notion – the idea that each one of us has the power and potential to be superior at whatever we set out to do. Excellence is implicit in our convictions about success. It underlies our belief that anyone can be a star. It is expressed in our belief that every individual should be enabled to achieve their best. Excellence is a powerful concept. This book is a collection of 400 insights from remarkably successful people, throughout all periods of history, and in all fields. J.Pincott draws from this to get to the heart of what "excellent" people consider "excellence" to be, and in their words, they will reveal how they themselves became excellent in their fields. As a result, anyone wanting to achieve their best at work and in life will find genuine inspiration and guidance in this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. Being Ambitious
    1. Have a goal
    2. Set your ambitions high
    3. Never settle
  7. Being Communicative
    1. Be personable
    2. Be a leader
    3. Grab them in the gut
    4. Know the value of small, personal gestures
    5. Get others to help you
    6. Network
  8. Being Confident
    1. Stand on your own
    2. Find role models
    3. Acknowledge your fears
    4. Cultivate confidence in others
  9. Being Creative
    1. Be curious
    2. Cross-pollinate
    3. Learn from the creative process
    4. Look at the familiar in a different way
  10. Being Disciplined
    1. Be your own master
    2. Reduce bad habits
    3. Use props to help discipline yourself
    4. Commit to a routine
    5. Control your emotions
    6. Make a lifelong commitment
  11. Being Ethical
    1. Have a moral vision
    2. Promote the well-being of others
    3. Treat others as you want to be treated
    4. Remember that those who do good, do well
  12. Being Flexible
    1. Invite surprise
    2. Test your own convictions
    3. Evolve and adapt
  13. Being Humble
    1. Fight your ego
    2. Never presume
    3. Don’t fall for flattery
  14. Being Incisive
    1. Act as if you’re sure even when you’re not
    2. Compartmentalize
  15. Being Intuitive
    1. Trust the inner voice
    2. Follow your own instincts
  16. Being Liked and Loved
    1. Find people to trust
    2. Have a loving companion
    3. Make friends
    4. Be there for others
  17. Being Meaningful
    1. Embrace a cause
    2. Construct meaning from experience
    3. Infuse your work with meaning
    4. Don’t sell out
  18. Being Passionate
    1. Pick your passion
    2. Build a career on passion
    3. Remember money isn’t everything
  19. Being Patient
    1. Remember that it all takes time
  20. Being Persistent
    1. Press on
    2. Develop stamina
    3. Always be striving for something
    4. Focus
  21. Being Proactive
    1. Look beyond the present
    2. Imagine the future
    3. Learn from the past
  22. Being Resilient
    1. Grow a thick skin
    2. Learn from your mistakes
    3. Know what heals you
    4. Move on
  23. Being Respected
    1. Set high standards
    2. Cultivate a public image
    3. Respect others
  24. Being a Risk-Taker
    1. Accept uncertainty
    2. Regard life as an experiment
    3. Choose action over inaction
    4. Minimize risks
  25. Being Unique
    1. Don’t be afraid to be different
    2. Find a niche
    3. Try a new approach
  26. Being Worldly
    1. Be a lifelong learner
    2. Experience the world firsthand
    3. Understand current events
  27. Selected Sources
  28. Acknowledgments