Chapter 3. Migrating from Microsoft Exchange 27
3.2.1 Domino Upgrade Services
Domino Upgrade Services, a part of the Domino Administrator client, lets you easily upgrade
your existing messaging and directory system to Lotus Notes and Domino R5. DUS
automates the entire process of upgrading, creating users, and converting mail for one user
at a time or for your entire existing environment. DUS supports all popular LAN mail systems
with the same upgrade procedures for each of them. And best of all, DUS is integrated into
the normal user registration process of the Domino Administrator.
DUS provides the smoothest migration path from Microsoft Exchange to Domino R5 for
iSeries. With the Microsoft Exchange migration tools, you can migrate users and convert their
mail and calendar information to Domino R5, with full fidelity. Best of all, mailbox conversion
runs on the administrator workstation, which leaves the Domino server free to serve the
users. Like all Domino Upgrade Services, the Microsoft Exchange DUS is built right into
Domino Administrator client.
3.2.2 Common Migration Tool from
The Common Migration Tool builds on four years of proven e-mail and calendar/schedule
migration solutions from The individual product solutions have now been
integrated into one CMT. Apart from Microsoft Exchange, CMT allows you to migrate from
Novell Groupwise and Netscape Mail servers to Lotus Domino. It also has utilities that migrate
data at the client level. These include migration from Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Messenger,
Microsoft Outlook Express, Qualcomm Eudora, and Lotus Organizer to Lotus Notes. For
more information, see Appendix D, Common Migration Tool on page 175.
3.3 Preparing to migrate Microsoft Exchange users
The DUS migration tool in the Domino Administrator client allows you to easily migrate
information from your existing Microsoft Exchange messaging and directory system to
Domino for iSeries. With DUS, you can import users from the foreign directory, such as the
Exchange Global Address List, register them as Notes users, and then convert the mail from
an Exchange mail system to a Domino mail database. The migration tool lets you migrate all
users from the foreign directory or select specific users to migrate.
This section covers the tasks that you are required to do prior to the migration using the
Domino Upgrade Services migration tool. The migration tools are not installed with the
Domino Administrator client by default. You need to select the migration tools during the
installation process. You need to perform the following tasks on the administrative workstation
before you start the migration process:
1. Install the Domino Administrator client with DUS.
2. Install the Microsoft Outlook client.
3. Specify the Administrative mail profile.
4. Set up the Outlook client.
3.3.1 Installing Domino Upgrade Services
On your administrative workstation, install the Lotus Notes Domino Administrator client along
with the Microsoft Exchange migration tools. You must perform a custom installation to install
the migration tools component. We performed the migration using the Domino Administrator
client of Release 5.0.5 in our test environment. To do this, perform the following steps:
28 Exchange Migration and iNotes Implementation on the iSeries Server
1. Launch the Lotus Notes client installation program. When you see a display like the
example in Figure 3-1, select the Domino Administrator option, and click the Customize
Figure 3-1 Domino Administrator client installation
2. On the next window shown in Figure 3-2, select the Migration Tools option. Leave the
other options at their defaults. Highlight the Migration Tools option, and click the Change
button to specify which migrations tools to install.
Figure 3-2 Customizing the Domino Administrator client installation
3. Select only the Exchange Migration Tools as shown in Figure 3-3, and click Continue.

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