Chapter 8

Small Value: Diminutive Dazzlers

In This Chapter

arrow Recognizing a small value stock

arrow Praising the return king of all stock styles

arrow Earmarking ETFs that track small value indexes

arrow Knowing how much to allocate

arrow Factoring in mid caps

Look at the list of some of the top companies represented in the Vanguard Small Cap Value ETF: First Niagara Financial Group, Camden Property Trust, Beazer Homes USA, Corn Products International . . . These are not household names. Nor are they especially fast-growing companies. Nor are they industry leaders. Nor is there much excitement to be seen in companies such as Corn Products International. (“Our starches, sweeteners and other ingredients are used by our customers to provide everything from sweetness, taste and texture to immune system support, fat replacement and adhesive strength.”) As you go farther down the list of holdings, you’ll likely find some companies in financial distress. Others may be facing serious lawsuits, expiration of patents, ...

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