Chapter 11

Specialized Stock ETFs

In This Chapter

arrow Unearthing some facts about socially responsible investing

arrow Determining the potential payoff of dividend funds

arrow Introducing an opportunity to invest in initial public offerings

arrow Assessing funds that thrive (allegedly) when the market falters

arrow Considering a leveraged fund (woooeeee!)

arrow Examining lifecycle and asset-allocation options

In this chapter, I introduce a few stock ETFs that don’t fit into any of the categories I discuss in previous chapters. They are neither growth nor value, large nor small. They are not industry sector funds, nor are they international. If ETFs were ice cream, the funds presented here would not represent chocolate and vanilla, but rather, the outliers on the Baskin Robbins menu: Turtle Cheesecake, Tiramisu, No Sugar Added Chocolate Chip, Pink Bubblegum, and Wild ’N Reckless (a swirl of green apple, blue raspberry, ...

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