Chapter 16

Sample ETF Portfolio Menus

In This Chapter

arrow Revisiting risk and return

arrow Introducing Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

arrow Assessing what diversification means to you

arrow Recognizing that there are no simple formulas

arrow Visualizing what your new portfolio will look like

If there is such a thing as a personal hell, and if, for whatever reason, I piss off the Big Guy before I die, I’m fairly certain that I will spend eternity in either a Home Depot or a Lowe’s. The only real question I have is whether His wrath will place me in plumbing supplies, home décor, or flooring.

I’m not the handyman type. Even the words “home renovation” are enough to send shivers up my spine. The last thing I built out of metal or wood — a car-shaped napkin holder — was in shop class at Lincoln Orens Junior High School. I brought the thing home to my mother, and she said, “Oh, Russell, um, what a lovely birdhouse.”

And yet, despite my failed relationship with power tools, there is one kind of construction that I ...

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