Chapter 19

Using ETFs to Fund Your Golden Years

In This Chapter

arrow Differentiating various retirement account options

arrow Knowing which ETFs to sock into which accounts

arrow Figuring out what to do if your employer’s 401(k) plan stinks

arrow Calculating how much money you need to retire

arrow Planning your cash flow needs after the paycheck stops

I have this imaginary script that often runs in my head when a client asks me to look at his or her 401(k) plan. In this make-believe play, the benefits manager at my client’s place of employment is speaking with a representative of an investment company that runs retirement plans.

Benefits manager: Our employees work hard, and we really don’t ever want to lose them.

Investment company rep: No problemo! We offer a retirement plan so incredibly bad that your employees will never be able to retire! Just take a look at this array of some of the most expensive and poorly performing mutual funds available on the market today. That’s what we offer!

Benefits manager:

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