18Get Ready for the First ReportingSixty Days to Lift-Off!


Just as strategy execution is often more important than the strategy itself, reporting the scorecard correctly and regularly is often more important than the design. Even if your design is 8/10, your Balanced Scorecard (BSC) execution needs to be 10/10. We are at the point now where the BSC has been designed and you are now getting ready for the first reporting, a process that is not as straightforward as it seems.


Ideally, the delay from BSC completion to first reporting should be no more than 60 days. The reason is that if this key milestone is delayed, the initiative is lost; CEOs and executives get distracted and lose interest as some new business challenge or opportunity emerges. This can lead executives to demand changes in the BSC design, which basically means all the effort put in to this point was wasted. Another reason the first reporting should not be delayed is because changes to executive staffing can strike a serious blow to your strategy design. Not only do new leaders need to be trained in BSC practices and buy in to the process, but they will also want to make changes to the design to reflect their priorities rather than those of their predecessor. The worst scenario would be that the CEO leaves, the program has not started, and the new guy has no interest in the BSC program. I can almost hear what the new CEO would say, “I need the first 90 days to understand the organization ...

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