Executive Presence, Second Edition

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Be the kind of leader that other leaders envy by strategically harnessing the extraordinary power of perception.
One of today's most in-demand leadership consultants, Harrison Monarth, has coached executives and CEOs in various industries, from technology, medicine and law, to hospitality, and consumer products. They have come from companies as large and wide-ranging as Hewlett-Packard, P&G, General Motors, Deloitte Consulting, PepsiCo, and Standard and Poor's.
Monarth has now updated his classic, groundbreaking guide to give you the edge on the competition in today's dog-eat-dog business landscape.
Building an executive presence is about being in control of your emotions when you're under stress. It's about knowing yourself well enough to clearly see the impact and influence you have on others. It's about managing your behaviors so you always foster trust and credibility. It's about leaving absolutely no doubt about the value you contribute to others and your organization. And it's about actively monitoring and managing your reputation to achieve important outcomes.
Monarth takes you step by step through the process of building your personal brand as the kind of leader everyone trusts to do the right thing at the right time-and as the one person people automatically seek out to lead them through the most challenging situations.
There's no replacement for basic leadership talent and skills. But what makes someone a top-tier leader-those who take their organization from a solid industry player to the unchallenged industry frontrunner-is the ability to harness the power of perception to engage stakeholders at any level and make things happen. Executive Presence delivers everything you need to stand out among the competition at every turn in your career.

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  • Title: Executive Presence, Second Edition
  • Author(s): Harrison Monarth, Harrison Monarth
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): McGraw Hill-Ascent Audio
  • ISBN: None