Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc.

To succeed in the twenty-first century, you must be able to share information and move ideas into action more rapidly than ever before. Barnes & Conti Associates was established in 1985 to meet the challenging and changing needs of individuals and organizations through our public and in-house workshops, virtual classrooms, and other programs.

Barnes & Conti partners with our customers as virtual team members to achieve ongoing learning and innovation, providing flexible, just-in-time training and services that add real value and help customers achieve extraordinary business results. We focus on the complex and sophisticated leadership and interaction skills required for success in today's global organizations.

All Barnes & Conti programs can be presented in a variety of formats for intact teams or open sessions:

  • Customizable, hands-on, intensive workshops
  • Distance learning, including web meetings
  • Learning interventions focusing on real and current work
  • Site licensing for classroom or corporate intranet delivery

Some of our courses include

  • Exercising Influence
  • Consulting on the Inside
  • The Influential Internal Consultant
  • Intelligent Risk Taking
  • Managing Innovation
  • Creating a Culture for Risk and Innovation
  • Applied Creativity
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Constructive Negotiation
  • Constructive Debate
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Art of Communication
  • Leading Global and Virtual Teams
  • Mastery of Change
  • Facilitating Forward

At Barnes & Conti, we promise our clients ...

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