Appendix A. XQuery Extension Modules

This appendix provides an overview of the available XQuery extension modules in eXist.

You might have noticed that in other chapters we’ve often mentioned and described extension modules. For instance, “Controlling the Database from Code” explains in part how to manipulate the database using the xmldb extension module. This is because we think it is better to describe an extension module within its context as much as possible. However, there are a lot of extension modules we haven’t covered elsewhere, so we provide an overview here to assist you.

We won’t handle all the extension modules that come with eXist. As is often the case with open source products, experiments creep in and are not removed. Some of the modules seem to hold interesting functionality, but documentation is missing. And some are very specialized and of interest only to a very small group of users. We therefore took the liberty to describe only those modules that we thought would be of general interest and for which at least some kind of documentation was available (often just the information in eXist’s function documentation browser). Apologies to all module creators whose modules we left out. If you think something we left out deserves a place in this appendix, please drop us a line and we’ll try to rectify this in a future edition of the book.

What we also won’t do here is describe all functions in detail. eXist provides an online function documentation browser, and we saw ...

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