Appendix B. REST Server Processes

eXist’s REST Server offers a great deal of functionality from a relatively simple API. This chapter tries to illustrate the various process (decision) flows evaluated by the REST Server when you make HTTP requests of it, so that you may better understand their actions. We do this through a series of diagrams linked to the different request types.

We also examine the optional and mandatory parameters that can be used with the REST Server to modify requests and responses.

GET Process Flow

Figure B-1. Process flow for HTTP GET requests in the REST Server

HEAD Process Flow

Figure B-2. Process flow for HTTP HEAD requests in the REST Server

PUT Process Flow

Figure B-3. Process flow for HTTP PUT requests in the REST Server

DELETE Process Flow

Figure B-4. Process flow for HTTP DELETE requests in the REST Server

POST Process Flow

Figure B-5. Process flow for HTTP POST requests in the REST Server

The boxes in the flowchart with dotted outlines (“Has cache Parameter?” and “Cache ...

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