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Appendix C. Installing the Oracle Client
In this appendix, we describe the steps we followed using the Oracle Universal
Installer (OUI) to install the Oracle 10g Client on z/OS. This method would
primarily be used if you want to set up a gateway product, or you if want to
access an Oracle database on another platform from zOS.
Installing Oracle Client code
First we restarted the OUI, as we had done in “Running the Universal Installer”
on page 32, by issuing the ./runInstaller command. This brought us to the
Welcome screen; see Figure C-1 on page 148.
148 Experiences Installing Oracle Database 10g on z/OS
Figure C-1 The Welcome screen
After pressing Next, we were asked to specify our file locations for the source and
target. We used the same paths in our zFS as we did for the Oracle libraries.
Because this was a first-time installation, we were asked where to put the
inventory file. The default is /u/userid, but it is recommended that you change this
and put it somewhere in your directory for Oracle (such as /oracle/inventory).
Appendix C. Installing the Oracle Client 149
Figure C-2 Directory not found screen
You can use the browse button to search for the location. If a directory does not
already exist, the program will create it for you; refer to Figure C-2.
On the next window, shown in Figure C-3 on page 150, we had to verify that the
program had found the source files. We also had to enter the directories where it
would install the USS files.
150 Experiences Installing Oracle Database 10g on z/OS
Figure C-3 Specifying file locations
Pressing Next brought us to the window shown in Figure C-4, where we chose to
install the Oracle Client code (the second item in the option list).
Figure C-4 Selecting a product for installation
Appendix C. Installing the Oracle Client 151
Figure C-5 Selecting the type of installation
As shown in Figure C-5, we chose to install the complete version of the client
code. Next we entered the HLQ and Secondary qualifiers for our z/OS files
(IBM1.V10GCL), as shown in Figure C-6.
Figure C-6 Entering the HLQ

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