Anyone can write code given enough training, but very few developers can use code to write a great application. In fact, it's highly likely that many developers don't even know what constitutes a great application. Over the years, developers have bought into the idea that great applications contain many features and users are very aware of all the flexibility the application provides. It's like a really bright light that no one can ignore and it actually detracts from the user experience because it distracts the user from doing something useful. My idea of a great application is one that's like a light switch. Anyone can figure out a light switch and most of us don't think twice about turning it on. In fact, many of us use light switches without even realizing we're using them — the thought of the light switch doesn't even exist.

Imagine the user experience of an application that is so simple, so elemental, that anyone can figure it out. Yet, the application does everything the user needs to accomplish a given task and has the speed to perform the task quickly. You may think that such an application is a myth, but C# Design and Development tells you how to create it. This book is all about practical design. Sure, I've gone completely against the grain of some academic books out there, but the fact that users are still confused by applications tells me that we need a new book — this is that book. Solidly constructed applications help users perform tasks in light switch ...

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