58 Exploring Storage Management Efficiencies and Provisioning
Figure 3-6 Sample invoice - OS storage by user
3.2 IBM Tivoli SAN Manager
IBM Tivoli SAN Manager helps you manage your resources by providing network
resource discovery and management capabilities. IBM Tivoli SAN Manager is a
comprehensive management solution for multi-vendor SANs, which includes
automatic resource and topology discovery, monitoring and alerts, zone control
and SAN error prediction capabilities.
IBM Tivoli SAN Manager is an enterprise scalable solution architected to ANSI
SAN standards, allowing you to choose best of breed products for your storage
IBM Tivoli SAN Manager can help you:
򐂰 Simplify the task of SAN management and configuration
򐂰 Ensure SAN availability
򐂰 Improve SAN ROI
Chapter 3. Components 59
Figure 3-7 shows how IBM Tivoli SAN Manager can manage all of your storage
resources, including devices connected to host systems through fiber-based
hubs, bridges, switches, routers, gateways, and directors. IBM Tivoli SAN
Manager also manages any hosts with agents.
Figure 3-7 IBM Tivoli SAN Manager in a storage area network environment
With IBM Tivoli SAN Manager, one system acts as the manager, and one or
more other systems are the managed hosts. The IBM Tivoli SAN Manager
gathers information about the SAN by querying switches and devices for attribute
and topology information. It also gathers host-level information, such as file
systems and mapping to LUNs, and event information detected by host bus
adapters (HBAs).
3.2.1 How is SAN topology information displayed?
IBM Tivoli SAN Manager uses IBM Tivoli NetView to display topology information
and views, and for monitoring devices. IBM Tivoli NetView discovers, displays,
and manages traditional TCP/IP networks.
IBM Tivoli SAN Manager extends this function to the Storage Area Network by
providing a new SAN pull-down menu item, as well as a SAN icon on the
NetView top-level root map. These are shown in Figure 3-8.
Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager
60 Exploring Storage Management Efficiencies and Provisioning
Figure 3-8 IBM Tivoli SAN Manager — Root menu
IBM Tivoli NetView, as customized with IBM Tivoli SAN Manager, provides a
single integrated platform to manage both traditional IP networks and SANs.
Chapter 3. Components 61
Ways to display the topology
IBM Tivoli SAN Manager presents topology displays in two different ways — the
icon display and the explorer display.
Figure 3-7 on page 59 is an example of an icon display. The explorer display
(named because it is similar to the Windows Explorer file manager), looks like
Figure 3-9.
Figure 3-9 IBM Tivoli SAN Manager — explorer display
Physical topology display
A typical SAN physical topology display is shown in Figure 3-10.
62 Exploring Storage Management Efficiencies and Provisioning
Figure 3-10 NetView physical topology display
In the preceding figure, one SAN switch is shown with the hosts and devices
connected to it. All icons are colored green, indicating they are active and
available. Similarly, the connections are black. NetView uses different colors for
devices and connections to indicate their status.
If something happens within the SAN (for example, a port on the switch fails), the
topology will be automatically updated to reflect that event; for example, a link
between the switch and storage device will be colored red while the host system
remains green.
Figure 3-11 shows a switch that has failed (or has been powered off). All links on
the switch are red because the entire switch is down, thus all links are down as
well. The devices 1, 2, 3, and 4 went red. These devices have no Agent on them,
are known to IBM Tivoli SAN Manager only through the switch nameserver, and
are unavailable now that the switch is down.

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