116 Exploring Storage Management Efficiencies and Provisioning
And, self-protecting relates to security. Now that our IT systems are open to the
public, so to speak, security is ever more important. So, self-protecting is about
the ability of the system to secure information and resources, by anticipating,
detecting, identifying, and protecting from attacks of any kind.
This vision is not built upon replacing your environment with proprietary
solutions. There is little value in changing technologies every time a new one
appears. Automation, indeed the data center, must be “technology agnostic”, it
must not be bound to any one vendor. There are still many companies running
COBOL applications that were written 20 years ago, others have systems which
are quite diverse and rely on the knowledge of a few to keep it all together. The
IBM strategy is to encompass the technology and business process to provide
the business with the required solution.
5.3 Steps toward automation
IBM has developed an Infrastructure Management blueprint that specifies the
seven capabilities necessary to fully automate your IT environment. The IBM
Infrastructure Management Blueprint serves as a road map that can help you get
from where you are today to where you need to be to automate operations while
reaping benefits along the way.
These “steps” toward automation can be summarized in the following list and are
shown graphically in Figure 5-2:
1. Basic manual effort
2. Managed provisioning
3. Assisted provisioning
4. Automated provisioning
5. On demand capability
Important: A structured approach is key to achieving on demand automation
Chapter 5. Automation with IBM storage products 117
Figure 5-2 Steps toward automation
Basic manual effort
This is sometimes the best way to begin, and is the way most organizations start.
You have to know what you are doing in order to know what fits where. But this is
also the worst way to continue. Much time and resources are often wasted by
continuing in the same way day in and day out. There is a need to move forward
on the automation path.
Assisted provisioning (assisted wizards)
Next came assisted wizards. They took some of the information that had already
been provided and allowed certain options to be selected (precluding those
which were not valid for the objective selected).
Automated provisioning (scripted wizards)
This is the level we are at with IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager. Basically,
workflows are just scripted wizards. Automation routines are initiated by an
administrator to perform multiple functions with little or no further input. Complex
functions can be completed in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy
than before, thus freeing up administrators to perform more important tasks.
Manual processes
Ad hoc practices
Reactive and tactically
Resource intensive
On Demand
IT Service
IT Focus Business Focus
Automated processes
Local expertise
Proactive and Predictive
Automated provisioning
Integrated processes
Best practices
Automated, self managed
Dynamic provisioning
On Demand
Levels of On Demand Automation

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