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Laurel J. Delaney, Exporting, 10.1007/978-1-4842-2193-8_3

3. Prepping For Exports

Corporate, Legal, Financial, Logistical, and Technological Considerations

Laurel J. Delaney

(1)Ste LL, Chicago, Illinois, USA

It’s stuff that is transmitted digitally, and also smaller firms packing up goods and selling them abroad. If there’s going to be growth over the next decade, it’s going to be in that.

— Gary Hufbauer, senior trade expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics (2016)1

Now that you’ve set up your business plan, it’s time to delve a little deeper into assembling your export company. The next step is tackling the essential details of a sound legal, fiscal, logistical, and tech operation. You’ll be faced ...

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