The account window

The account view is a window that contains several subcomponents (such as login, register, and past orders). Let's take a look at the lengthy, but straightforward code for it:

// app/view/account/Account.js Ext.define('Alcohology.view.account.Account', { extend: 'Ext.Window', xtype: 'account', layout: 'fit', controller: 'account', modal: true, resizable: false, header: false, onEsc: Ext.emptyFn, width: 800, autoHeight: true, frame: true, items: [ { xtype: 'container', layout: 'column', items: [ { xtype: 'login', title: 'Login', columnWidth: 0.5 }, { xtype: 'register', title: 'Register', columnWidth: 0.5 } ], bind: { hidden: '{currentUser}' } }, { xtype: 'container', layout: 'column', items: [ { xtype: 'register', title: 'Register', ...

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