Chapter 12. Menus, Buttons, and Toolbars

This chapter covers

  • Learning about Menus and how they work
  • Styling your Menus with freely available 16 x 16 gif icons
  • Dealing with complex Menu Items
  • Attaching a Menu to a Button
  • Displaying and stylizing a custom Item in a submenu
  • Grouping Buttons together
  • Implementing Toolbars
  • Using Ext.Action to configure Buttons

In the chapters leading up to this one, we’ve configured and used Menus, Buttons and Toolbars, but we never got to take a moment to really look at these widgets and learn more about them and what else they have to offer. You might ask, “Why are these three lumped into one chapter?” The answer is simple. Their use cases are related in one way or another. For instance, a Button can be ...

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