Chapter 16. Adding the <pre> Tag

Just to get back in the swing of things, we’re going to add a new tag, extending the menu a bit in the process. In the course of that, we’ll see what kind of duplication we really get, compared to the kind I’ve been worrying about. Better yet, we learn something surprising!

New Stories

We’ve got a few new stories to work on:

  • Add the <pre> tag that we use to display code. Like the <P> tag, cause it to insert itself after the end of the current tag.

  • Add all the tags to the menu. Make it an Insert menu with the various tags under it.

  • Modify the <section> tag so that it adds only at the end of a preceding section, rather than in the middle like it does now.

This is a good set of stories that will make the product pretty ...

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