Annotated Bibliography

Reading a wide range of books around a topic adds to the richness of my understanding. Here are a few suggestions for interesting reading on ideas related to XP.


[biblio01div01entry01] Sue Bender, Plain and Simple: A Woman's Journey to the Amish, HarperCollins, <year>1989</year>; ISBN 0062501860. Examines the value of simplicity and clarity.

[biblio01div01entry02] Leonard Coren, Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets, and Philosophers, Stone Bridge Press, <year>1994</year>; ISBN 1880656124. Wabi-sabi is an aesthetic celebration of the rough and functional.

[biblio01div01entry03] Richard Coyne, Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern Age: From Method to Metaphor, MIT Press, <year>1995</year>; ISBN 0262032287 ...

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