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Eyewitness Travel Family Guide Florida

Book Description

Discover where to play, what to see, and where to stay.

DK Eyewitness Travel Family Guide: Florida highlights the best things for a family to do and see together--and how to do it all with your sanity intact. Written by parents as well as travel experts, DK Eyewitness Travel Family Guide: Florida takes into account the unique needs of traveling with children ages 4 to 12.

- Where to rest, recharge, and work around naps.

- Inexpensive spots to refuel for meals and snack time.

- Family-friendly hotels and guesthouses.

- Best routes for getting around with young ones in tow.

Most importantly, DK Eyewitness Travel: Family Guide Florida is packed with smart plans for outings that truly make the most of the day, from navigating the thrills of the Disney World and LEGOLAND theme parks, to seeing manatees on the St. Johns River and fishing in the Keys, swimming at the best beaches on the Panhandle, or exploring the thrills of the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral. Each major sight is treated as a "hub" destination, loaded with practical information on age range suitability and nearby places of interest, as well as parks, playgrounds, and places to eat.

For kids, cartoons, quizzes, fun facts, stories, and interactive games bring sights and attractions to life on the page.