76 
When you photograph a person, one of the many
things you should think about is the cameras rela-
tionship to the subject’s eyes, specifically the level
at which you are shooting: at, above, or below the
subjects eye level.
In most cases, shooting eye to eye” is a good idea,
because it puts viewers of the photograph on the
same “level” as the subject, helping them to iden-
tify with the subject.
As you can see in the opening portrait for this les-
son, which I took in Marrow Bone Springs, Texas,
my camera was positioned at the subjects eye
 77
Of course, there are exceptions to all of my sug-
gestions (and to all rules in photography). Seeing
eye to eye is no exception. Following are three ex-
Look at what happened when I photographed
my subject from a higher and a lower angle. The
higher-angle photograph looks like a snapshot
to me. I’ve seen that kind of above the subject
photograph many times, most often when parents
photograph their kids. The lower-angle photo-
graph is OK, I guess, but it lacks the camera-to-
subject communication that we see in the opening
78 
When you photograph a subject from a lower
angle and have the subject look directly at the
camera, you give the person in the photograph a
sense of superiority. Fashion and glamour pho-
tographers often photograph models from a lower
angle for that very reason, and thats why I took
this photograph of a model in a studio on Miami’s
South Beach from a lower angle.
 79
you’ll be able to include, as well as exclude, differ-
ent elements in the scene. Plus, photographing a
person from a lower angle gives him or her an im-
plied sense of power over the view of the picture,
which is why you see this in fashion ads.
There are other reasons why you may want to
photograph a subject from a lower angle. First, a
picture can look more creative, which was the goal
I was trying to achieve when I photographed this
man in Dalanzadgad, the main town in the Gobi
Desert, Mongolia. Second, from a lower angle,

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