Chapter 5. Understanding the Types of Ad Campaigns

In This Chapter

  • Explaining the different kinds of Facebook advertisements

  • Discussing the importance of images in a Facebook Ad

  • Coordinating Facebook and external ad campaigns

  • Scheduling multiple campaigns to run concurrently

While you're putting together your Facebook Ad strategy and running your first campaigns, start by discovering what options are available and what tools you have at your disposal when creating your overall Facebook advertising strategy and specific ad campaigns. Facebook has changed some of the names and labels for its ads, but the concepts have remained the same.

In this chapter, we illustrate some of the various ad types that Facebook offers to its advertisers. We walk through you some of the important elements, such as using images in a Facebook Ad, and then discuss the nature of multiple campaigns and using the Scheduling option to run your Facebook Ad during a specific period of time on the site.

Differentiating between Ad Types

In the past, Facebook used certain distinctions or labels for the different types of ads that it offered:

  • Engagement ads offered viewer interaction, asking the viewer to click something, answer a question, or watch a video.

  • Social ads took advantage of the Facebook platform and included information from a person's Friend list that influenced the ad or even determined whether the ad was going to be visible to someone.

Today, the two major categories of ads are those that promote

  • An external ...

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