Chapter 10. Checking Out the Data

In This Chapter

  • Exploring the Ads Manager interface

  • Understanding the Lifetime Stats

  • Viewing ads data as a graph

  • Changing the settings for Ads Manager and your campaigns

After you set your Facebook Ad campaigns in motion, keep an eye on them to make sure that your budget is being spent wisely and also that your ads are still converting enough people to make the campaigns worth your while. Thankfully, Facebook has Ads Manager, which makes statistics and editing just a click or two away.

In this chapter, we review the Ads Manager interface, starting with the main screen, and show you how to read the summary reports and see the various graphs of data. Then we drill down to the individual campaigns where you can make changes to your ad settings or see the status of your campaign or particular advertisement. Finally, we talk about how to receive notifications from Facebook for important product updates and other news.

Getting to Know Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager allows you to perform administrative functions on your various Facebook Ad campaigns. This tool shows you the status, as well as the statistics, for all your Facebook Ad campaigns, and gives you the ability to coordinate your campaigns, set budgets and bid levels, and study results from one user interface. Ads Manager also comes with several graphs that allow you to see certain results data in a graph format.

If you want more detailed statistic information, you will either have to drill down by clicking ...

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