Chapter 10

Professional Networking

In This Chapter

arrow Using Facebook for networking

arrow Expanding your network

arrow Building stronger engagement

arrow Using business pages for networking

Expanding your reach in business isn’t easy — tons of meetings and a lot of effort are required to keep in touch with your contacts. The key is to be remembered by the people with whom you build a network, so that when they need your services — or know someone who does — they will deliver the business to you.

Facebook is not a replacement for face-to-face meetings, but it is a way for those meetings to reach further. In this chapter, we talk about how you can use Facebook as a tool that extends the reach of your networking and enhances business relationships. We also talk about some innovative ideas that can make you a networking power user.

Before You Begin Networking

Everyone is a little different in the way that they use Facebook. Some people are private and others are open. If people prefer not to add professional contacts to their friends list, don’t take it personally.

Also be conscious of what you say online. ...

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