Chapter 11. Scheduling Your Life with Facebook

In This Chapter

  • Getting to know Events

  • Finding the Event for you

  • Creating and administering your own Events

Think about the worst birthday party that you ever had — the big kickball party during the hurricane when the clown was three hours late (and a little drunk) and none of your friends showed up because your mom (hands full with a torrential downpour and drunken clown) forgot to invite them.

Facebook can't do anything about clowns or the weather (as of publication time), but the invites would've happened if your mother used Facebook Events to plan the party. Facebook removes the hassle of hosting an Event — creating and sending the invites; managing the guest list — and allows you to focus on preparing the Event itself.

Not much of a party planner? No worries. Facebook also handles the planning of smaller, more impromptu Events. You can easily collect a crew for dinner or for Frisbee in the park. And if that still isn't enough, hundreds of Events in your area are on Facebook every week. This chapter shows you how to find the best of the best for this weekend.

Getting Going with Events

Like Photos and Groups, Events is an application built by Facebook and pre-installed by default. To access its dashboard, click the Events link in the Applications menu in the Chat bar at the bottom of any page. The Events page (shown in Figure 11-1) displays everything that's happening in the world of Events on Facebook. It's divided into the following four ...

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